Photographic Tests: Digicam Test. VideoCam Test.


 Jedi Simon - "Digital phoenomenons"    Videoclip on artifacts produced by Canon digital cameras that should not be there,
but as you can see,stress out the limit of these toys.

            Jedi search Canon S5 is DIGITAL ARTIFACTS again and again. Test number two. And no one talks about the truth as you
might find out on professional web sites like     and   fact that simply means
what you can imagine by yourself.

            Jedi Chronovisor, getting better.... using artifacts and special effects to produce another abstract video.

          Allegretto: short poetic clip, with the terrible sound of pictures taken and recorded with darkened video and loud click by the Canon camera,
fact that could be simply avoided by programming a software routine capable of recording a ram image directly into the picture folder whilst recording.
Another example of downgrading politic used to reduce the capabilities of modern digital devices, to reduce hardware functions by making them work with
poor software. Believe me, you could take magnific pictures and Videos using a proper software!!! No joke. Guess why they are all playing this game?
Ohoopss, I'm in the mirror!!!