Ordini Orders

You can buy my photo art, to support my work. The photo prints that you like best,
can be ordered by e-mail and I will print them ond reproduce them on Ilford-Papers, Kodak papers, or CPS plastified and metallic papers or Diapositive Slide.

 Please print out the orderform and send it by mail or E-mail. If you can transfer the money, you must go to your bank, or send a check‚ to see on the orderform.

Please feel free to contect me.



         Prezzo - Pricelist :  10 x 15 e  12 x 18        2 euro            

                                      20 x 30  cm                 4 euro             

                                      30 x 45  cm                 10 euro           

                                      40 x 60  cm                 12 euro           

                                      60 x 90  cm                 18 euro           

                                      70 x 100 cm                24 euro           

         Cartoncino gg 250  matt o lucido stampa digitale             

         Stampa su carta fotografica  aggiungere il 15% al prezzo

         Stampa su carte speciali metalliche, forex, alluminio  e     

         tela avranno un costo superiore da verificare.                  





copyright 2009 - Jedi Simon